Integrated Talent Development

Effective Talent Development is a transformational process, not a series of disconnected events strung together out of context. Media 1 offers a new, integrated model for leadership and talent development. We show you how to leverage your existing tools  and systems to seamlessly deliver carefully selected, timely, role-appropriate learning and mentoring opportunities at the right point in career development. We help you establish baselines to create accountability, and guide strategic behavioral change that moves the bar in measurable ways.

Today’s employees are people first, and talent second. People demand development experiences that help them grow and succeed, and experience is paramount to building an engaged and passionate work force. To learn more, see our Integrated Talent Development Manifesto.

Where We’ll Be


HR Analytics: Find the Why

  • April 22nd, 2014

Recently I’ve come across two studies that have been rather critical of the current […]

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Media 1 Releases Free Return On People eBook

  • September 10th, 2013

In August, Media 1 CEO Chris Willis introduced The Return On People eBook, demonstrating to senior executives how to utilize Human Capital Analytics for competitive advantage and risk management. A recent press release explores the core material in the eBook, and provides the reader with salient features of ROP methodology.

Expanded Service Helps Business Leaders Use Data About People

  • May 15th, 2013

Willis and her team of consultants have created a new service offering designed to align business leaders and show them how to capitalize on their investment in people. The gains for Media 1 clients are twofold. Cost savings that result from more efficient spending are coupled with a much greater ability to achieve high returns on human capital through data driven decisions.